PGE Park as an Interim Venue

After a $38.5 million overhaul completed in April of 2001, Portland’s PGE Park is poised to be a premier interim venue for Major League Baseball in Portland. Home to the Triple-A Portland Beavers, PGE Park now offers 38 brand new luxury suites, comfortable seating, a hand-operated scoreboard, a state-of-the-art public address system and spacious locker rooms and dugouts. While the recent renovation maintained the ballpark’s historic baseball feel, it also produced wider concourses, accessible concession areas, new seats, a new NexTurf playing surface and major league field dimensions. PGE Park is primed for Major League Baseball!

Current Amenities

  • Seating Capacity – Official seating is 19,566. With standing room in the left field “Family Fun Deck”, and the field level beer garden the capacity is 20,000.
  • Field Dimensions – 317′ to left, 405′ to center, 320′ to right. Huge wall in left with Ivy. Roughly the size of the Green Monster at Fenway. Wall is padded (see below).
  • Field Surface – With the 2001 renovation to PGE Park, a new playing surface was installed. Designed by the makers of AstroTurf, NeXturf looks and plays like natural grass, but it drains quickly, reducing the threat of cancellations and diminishing the length of potential rain delays. Nearly a foot beneath the surface, a moisture barrier rests on the dirt. An intricate maze of perforated drain pipes sit on the moisture barrier and are covered by six inches of “draining stone.” That’s followed by a few inches of porous asphalt, “closed cell” athletic foam, and then the NeXturf. NeXturf’s “Grass Zone” is a layer of tall, silky fibers resembling blades of grass. It is designed be be much less abrasive than real grass. The “Root Zone” is a lower, thicker layer of fibers that provide stability and bulk, just like the roots in natural grass; special rubber granules have been brushed in to simulate topsoil. The surface of PGE Park is rated to handle up to 100 inches of rain an hour.
  • Electronic Scoreboards – 2 electronic programmable scoreboards. One 20′ off the ground in far right. The other hung from the Stadium overhang on the 3rd base side. Used for player images, stats and animated graphics.
  • Manual “Retro” Scoreboard – Large clock, and “church type” bell that is rung for homers. Similar in design to Wrigley’s scoreboard.
  • Wall Padding – An 8′ padded wall runs the length of left, center and right fields.
  • Bullpens – “Home” is on field in far left. Visitors is in far right and is enclosed with netting.
  • Dugouts – Sunken (one step) bullpens with 3′-4′ netted railing for protection. 3 large wooden benches. 5′ cement overhang over each dugout. 15 helmet and glove slots. 21 bat slots per dugout. Home dugout has “batting pad” just inside the dugout between the doors to enter the clubhouse. This is used for practice swings during the game.
  • Number of Press locations – 26 are wired for Internet and phone, expandable to 40. The maximum number of press requests that have been granted for an MLB game is 150 for the Padres vs. Mariners exhibition game in March of 2002.
  • Photographers Area – Room for over two dozen photographers is available on the third base side at ground level.
  • Luxury Suites – 38 total suites. 6 are ground level suites behind home plate. 2 of the upper level suites, as well as the ground level suites have a capacity of 22. Seating in these are 2 rows of 5 (split with stairs 3×2 per row). The larger suites have a capacity of 26. 14 seats in 2 rows are made available here. (rows split by stairs 4×3 per row). Each suite has a 27″ television with cable, and DVD player. There is a large bar level island in the center of each suite with a fridge. Seating and coffee tables ring the suites along the walls. Each suite has a roll-up door in case patrons wish to avoid the elements or have privacy for meeting purposes.
  • Concession Stands – 6 split-service stands (2 registers per. 4-6 attendants). One stand devoted to beer only. One large circular stand in the left field “Family Fun Deck” area has 3 registers, and serves currently as an Ice Cream and Soda stand. Field level beer garden (capacity 400) has outdoor BBQ service for dinner menu. Beer and Wine served as well and is currently sponsored by Widmer Brewing.

Team Amenities

  • Officials Office – Umpires locker room has 10 lockers with a wipe board.
  • Coaches Office – Locker room with lockers and wipe board. · “Managers” office – Large office with desk and area for watching Tape.
  • Film room – Room for watching film.
  • Home Clubhouse – 31 lockers ring the room. 2 large couches. Fridge for drinks. 2 25″ TV’s suspended from ceiling. Center island table with storage. Large wipe board. Room is approx. 30’x50′.
  • Visiting Clubhouse – Extremely large room that can be divided in two by collapsible wall. (designed to accommodate football). Approx. 45 lockers. Wipe Board installed. No TV. No couches.
  • Weight Room – 2 large therapy pools, and one for elbows, and hands, etc. Large room with full length ceiling to floor mirrors. Rubber padded floor. Room for several machines and plenty of free weights. · Showers – Room for approx. 16-20. One bench with wall railing for injured players.
  • Batting Cage – Regulation length (60.6′) batting cage under the facility.
  • Laundry – On site laundry facility. 2 ea. Industrial washers and dryers.
  • Equipment room – Locked cage with uniforms, helmets, bats, etc.