Govenor Kulongoski’s Statement on HB3606

Dear Commissioner Selig:

I’m writing to express my strong support for upbringing a Major League Baseball team to Portland. I am a longtime fan of baseball with literally an office full of baseball memorabilia. I love the game and want to see the best of the best playing gin Oregon.

Portland is a baseball town, and the people of Oregon are ready for a team of their own. Portland is the largest city in the country with only one professional sports team – The Blazers. It can, and will, support Major League Baseball. Portland is also happens to be the most beautiful and livable cities the nation, and an ideal locale for showcasing big league baseball. A team in Portland will attract fans from across Oregon, and even southern Washington and Idaho. Baseball in Portland is an economic success story waiting to be written.

In addition to being a great economic asset for Oregon, Major League Baseball will be an enormous community asset. Civic pride, already high throughout Oregon, will grow even stronger. The same is true for family life. More than any other place I’ve ever known, Oregon’s unique quality of life – fostering both indoor and outdoor activities – Brings families together. I am absolutely confident that when the home takes the field in Portland, Oregon families will be there – standing with each other and for their players.

For all these reasons I intend to work with all parties – including the Mayor, Legislature and community groups – to bring a Major League team to Portland. I am committed to moving forward.

I greatly appreciate the serious consideration Major League Baseball is giving to Portland. Although I cannot attend the meeting in Phoenix, I know that Mayor Katz and her team have put together a first rate presentation that demonstrates why Portland is the right place – and this is the right time – for big league baseball to come to Oregon.

Theodore R. Kulongski