OSC Working Closely with City to Finalize Ballpark-Financing

Following the dramatic passage of the MLB Jobs Bill in the final days of the Oregon Legislature, the campaign to bring Major League Baseball to Oregon has advanced to a new level of reality. The Oregon Stadium Campaign is now working in collaboration with Mayor Vera Katz and the City of Portland to complete the financing plan for a new ballpark, a plan that we believe will attract a team to Portland.

As reported last week by The Oregonian, members of the campaign met for a second time with representatives of the hotel/motel industry and both the stadium campaign and visitor industry are working to “find a common ground to help complete the financing puzzle.” This work will continue over the next several months and periodic updates will be available on the Oregon Stadium Campaign website.

Portland TV Ratings for World Series Again Impressive

Portland continues to demonstrate a healthy appetite for MLB, generating a 14.7 average TV rating during the 2003 World Series, better than all but five markets outside of Florida and the New York area. This is especially impressive given the late afternoon start times on the West Coast. Last season, Portland recorded a higher TV rating for the World Series than all but two cities without a regional interest and doubled the rating of the Washington, D.C. market.

ESPN.com’s Rob Neyer Discusses Portland as an MLB Market

As the MLB Jobs Bill made its way through the Oregon Legislature, respected baseball writer Rob Neyer of ESPN.com examined Portland’s potential as a future MLB market. In an analysis of successful MLB markets, Neyer concluded that Portland is a viable home for MLB and “could settle right in with cities like Denver, St. Louis, Cleveland, and San Diego.”

Thank You!

The Oregon Stadium Campaign would like to extend our sincere thanks for your invaluable contributions to our campaign over the past several months. The eventual and dramatic success of the MLB Jobs Bill in the Oregon Legislature simply would not have been possible without your support!