MLB Jobs Bill Clears Oregon House, Final Senate Vote As Soon As Friday

With the passage of the MLB Jobs Bill in the Oregon House Wednesday afternoon, the campaign to bring Major League Baseball to Oregon is fast approaching its most critical vote on the floor of the Oregon Senate. Combined with the support of Oregon Governor Kulongoski, the victory in the House means that the MLB Jobs Bill is now just one step away from vaulting Oregon into position to be the home of our own Major League Baseball franchise in April of next year!

While we have made repeated requests asking you to contact legislators (and you have continually answered the call!) during the many months of this legislative session, please be aware that we are now at our final crucial juncture in the legislature and the fate of MLB in Oregon will be determined in the very near future. We ask for your help one last time in urging the Oregon Senators below to pass the MLB Jobs Bill, now designated SB 5.

We also ask that you reach out to your friends, family and colleagues by forwarding on this e-mail and requesting their help in convincing the Oregon Senate to bring jobs, economic development and Major League Baseball to Oregon. Your call or e-mail can make the difference! We can’t thank you enough for the critical role you have played and will continue to play in this campaign!

Jobs, Jobs and More Jobs

In two separate showings of support, labor and industry leaders each strongly proclaimed their endorsement of the MLB Jobs Bill during the past week. Tim Nesbitt, President of Oregon AFL-CIO and Bob Shiprack, leader of the Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council, joined with unemployed Oregon ironworkers in urging legislators to put trade workers throughout the state back to work by passing the MLB Jobs Bill and creating at least 1,500 new jobs. The building and trades industry currently suffers from an unemployment rate of nearly 40%. One of the unemployed workers explained that if he doesn’t find work soon, he’ll have to move his family out of the state where he’s lived all of his life.

And just yesterday, the American Bridge Company in Reedsport sponsored a full-page ad in the Umpqua Post newspaper, detailing the job creation that is expected for the central and southern Oregon Coast as a result of the construction of a new ballpark, and reminding everyone that more than 600 Oregon businesses are backing the effort to bring MLB to our state. In an accompanying guest editorial, Carson T. Carney of American Bridge wrote, “The moment a Major League Baseball team is headed to Oregon, 1,500 construction workers are on the job. American Bridge anticipates that many of those jobs will be created right here in Reedsport and that’s why we’re campaigning for this effort.”

Calling all Little Leaguers!

The Oregon Stadium Campaign will hold a media event at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, August 22 at the State Capitol, featuring an update on the campaign and several Oregon little leaguers conveying their hopes for an Oregon MLB team.

The Time is Now!

If you want to see MLB in Oregon, now is the time to contact the state Senators listed above. Look no further than last week’s editorial in The Oregonian for evidence of just how close we are to landing the Expos in 2004. Thank you so much for your support of the Oregon Stadium Campaign and thanks for this one last push!