Portland, Play Ball! Issue #4

“Rounding Second”: MLB Jobs Bill 3606 Rolls through Oregon House

Following impassioned speeches by Rep Dan Doyle, Rep. Jeff Merkley and Rep. Vic Backlund, who delivered his while waving a catcher’s mask to highlight the protection secured for the Oregon taxpayer, the Oregon House passed HB 3606, also known as the MLB Jobs Bill, by a comfortable 33-25 vote. In fact, sponsors felt secure enough in the outcome to allow the vote on a day when two Yes votes were unable to attend the session. The vote was bipartisan and garnered support from all corners of the state. Rep. Mitch Greenlick — interviewed by the Portland Tribune — helped explain why.

Greenlick, like others who admitted some initial skepticism, took a step back from the bill and saw that it promised 1,500 direct construction jobs and at least an equal number of indirect support jobs.

“We have a 40 percent unemployment rate among the construction trades, and putting this up would be like building six Fox Towers,” he said.

The Tribune went on to report that (Greenlick’s) support “suggests that the Oregon Stadium Campaign, whose members are the measure’s key advocates, is pushing the right lobbying buttons: The group is espousing baseball as an economic stimulator for the state.”

The bill now will be assigned to a Senate committee for a hearing and vote before the full Senate gets its chance to further stimulate Oregon’s economic recovery. With the legislative session winding down toward some heated discussion of budget cuts and education funding, all MLB supporters are encouraged to contact their state senators and remind them of the economic stimulus and jobs that HB3606 can provide. Click here to read The Oregonian’s editorial strongly urging the legislature to pass the MLB Jobs Bill.

Fortune 500+: Business Support Swells

It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago we were excited about our ability to report that Oregon business support had grown to more than 400 companies, featured in a full-page ad in The Oregonian and other media outlets. Would you believe that number has exploded to more than 530 businesses now? These businesses not only support the effort, but also are lending their name and muscle to the cause. Look for another public display of this list in the coming weeks!

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Speaking of which, don’t forget to sign up for the Oregon Stadium Campaign Celebrity Golf Tournament at Pumpkin Ridge May 22. Surprise guests will include at least 10 MLB “old-timers,” all living in the Greater Portland area, and all VERY supportive of the effort to bring MLB to our friendly confines.