Portland, Play Ball! Issue #3

House Committee Passes Bill for House Vote

The Oregon Stadium Campaign is delighted to report the House Rules and Public Affairs Committee of the Oregon legislature has sent the MLB Jobs Bill to the floor of the House of Representatives with by 4-3 vote Wednesday night. Within the next week and a half, the full Oregon House will vote on the MLB Jobs Bill, which would allocate the new income tax revenue from players and team executives to help construct a new ballpark. Please take a moment to contact Oregon legislators and urge them to vote yes on the MLB Jobs Bill! See the latest information below on the many benefits that would accrue to Oregon from the arrival of a Major League Baseball franchise and the construction of a new ballpark.

The True Value of MLB: Jobs, Tourism, Economic and Community Development


Two independent sources have projected that a new Oregon ballpark would immediately create hundreds of jobs for the construction industry. An exhaustive economic study by University of Oregon economics professor Larry Singell indicated there would be 1,543 full-time construction jobs created by the construction of a new ballpark. Turner Construction, the nation’s largest sports facility builder with more than 70 major sports facilities completed in the last five years, estimated that 1,300-1,600 construction related jobs would be created. Dr. Singell’s study also estimated an additional 2,100 permanent jobs would be created by the team, stadium operations and related development.

Tourism Dollars Flowing to Oregon

Dr. Singell’s economic study assumes a very conservative 5 percent of MLB game attendees would stay at Oregon hotels. Over the course of the season, that would result in at least 150,000 hotel room nights for Oregon’s lodging industry. A City of Baltimore study documented that 12 percent of Orioles’ attendees stayed overnight in 1992, injecting $46 million into the Baltimore region. Almost 500,000 of the out-of-town fans were new tourists to Baltimore, resulting in a 12 percent surge in tourism volume.

Approximately 15 percent of Portland Trail Blazers’ ticket buyers reside outside of Oregon, most in Southwest Washington. A recent survey found that nearly 50% of Clark County residents, about 175,000 people, are very or somewhat interested in Major League Baseball. Assuming 15 percent of ticket buyers of an Oregon MLB team are from out of state, approximately 365,000 new out-of-state tourist visits will be made to Oregon each year, resulting in a major economic infusion for the state’s restaurants, bars and retail establishments. Finally, think of what an MLB team would do for the state’s profile and perception during the months of April to September.

Oregonians’ Dollars Remaining in Oregon

Research and media reports support estimates that approximately 10 percent of Seattle Mariners’ ticket sales come from Oregon and Southwest Washington. Oregonians have helped Seattle become the most profitable franchise in the major leagues. Each spring, summer and fall, Oregonians spend millions in disposable income at Washington hotels, restaurants and retail establishments. Clearly that steady stream of Oregon dollars flowing to Seattle will largely remain in Oregon when residents have a team of their own.

Community Development

It is also important to recognize the intangible value of Major League Baseball; the vibrancy and energy that is infused into a community, much as the Trail Blazers have done for their 33 years. Major League Baseball promotes civic pride and enhances the cultural landscape and livability of a region, while providing families with affordable entertainment and treasured memories of times at the ballpark. It has been part of our country’s fabric for over 100 years and remains the national pastime.