McCredie Kicks on Color Line in Base Ball

This article from 1915 shows how forward thinking Beavers manager Walter McCredie was by challenging the “Jim Crow” laws in the PCL.

Portland, Ore., Jan 15 – McCreadie’s white Beavers won’t play with a black or dark-skinned man, so there’ll be no “heathen Chinese” within the civilizing influences of the Pacific Coast League next year.

Walter McCredie, manager of the Portland ball champs, exploded a bombshell several weeks ago by announcing the signing of Lang Akana, a half Hawaiian- half Chinese outfielder.


Today he plucked another out of the ammunition case, took cool aim, and then during the uproar vouchsafed “info” that he would have to release his Chinese horticulturist because of the strenuous objection from prospective teammates.

“His skin’s too dark,” explained the Portland mogul. “The Coast Leaguers who played at Honolulu on that recent barnstorming trip came back vowing boycott. I have received a couple of letters from players tellingme Akana is as dark as Jack Johnson, so I guess I will have to give him a release.”

In announcing the release of his poi-eating prodigy Manager McCredie took occasion to exude a few remarks relative to baseball’s attitude toward Afro-American ball players.

No Barrier

“I don’t think the color of the skin ought to be a barrier in baseball,” declared big Mac. “They have Jim Thorpe, an Indian, in the big leagues; there are Cubans on the rosters of various clubs. Here in the Pacific Coast League we have a Mexican and a Hawaiian, and yet the laws of baseball bar Afro-Americans for organized diamonds.”

“If I had my say the Afro-American would be welcome inside the fold. I would like to have two such ball players as Petway and Lloyd of the Chicago Colored Giants, who play out here every spring. I think Lloyd is another Hans Wagner around shortstop, and Petway is one of the greatest catchers in the world.”