Portland Beavers’ Statistics

What was Carlos Smith’s Batting average in 1903 for the Beavers? .323 in a 193 games.

How did the great Jim Thorpe perform in 1922? He hit .308 and played in the outfield

How many total stolen bases were on the 1930 Beavers team? 117

If this is the kind of stuff that you’re wondering about, then you’ve come to the right page. This entire section is dedicated to the “seamhead” that wants to look up the Beavers’ past by statistics. Broken down by decade are extensive player stats for each year of the Beavers franchise, starting in 1903. In the weeks ahead we’ll be getting more of this data posted, until we have every year, and every “less than” covered.

Keep checking back, and enjoy the treasure hunt. There are a great many familiar faces from MLB past that have come through the Beavers team. Look some up and enjoy!

Beavers’ Batting Statistics