About the Oregon Stadium Campaign

The Oregon Stadium Campaign (OSC) is a joint effort of the Oregon Sports Authority, Portland Baseball Group and Oregon Baseball Campaign. The non-profit coalition is working in collaboration with city and state leaders to secure a Major League Baseball franchise for Oregon.

Oregon Sports Authority

The Oregon Sports Authority is a private, non-profit 501 (c)(6) organization composed of a Board of Directors representing the public and corporate leaders of the state of Oregon. The mission of the Oregon Sports Authority is to define the state of Oregon as the preferred location for select amateur and professional sports events, franchises and related activities in order to enhance the quality of life of Oregonians and to stimulate the state’s economy. In its ten-year history of serving as Oregon’s sports marketing arm, the organization has successfully brought five professional sports franchises and sixty-four events to Oregon, which have had an economic impact of more than $90 million. Visit the Oregon Sports Authority website.

Portland Baseball Group

The Portland Baseball Group is a volunteer coalition of local civic and business leaders and is a 501(C)(4) nonprofit corporation. The group is contributing its time and money to make Major League Baseball in Portland a reality. The Portland Baseball Group wants to make Portland an even better place to live, work and raise our children. Visit the Portland Baseball Group website.

Oregon Baseball Campaign

The Oregon Baseball Campaign (OBC) is a grassroots organization dedicated to bringing Major League Baseball to Oregon. The strength of the Oregon Baseball Campaign lies in its thousands of supporters and its volunteer staff throughout the Northwest and beyond. OBC was founded by Dr. G. Lynn Lashbrook, President of Sports Management Worldwide, which educates and trains future sports agents. OBC is the voice for all of those looking forward to a glorious Opening Day someday soon in Portland, Oregon.

The Oregon Stadium Campaign web site is produced and hosted by State of Oregon dot com, a local web design company located in Portland, Oregon that formerly produced and hosted the web site of the Oregon Baseball Campaign.